GINGER!!!!! My New Puppy!!!


Hey guys,

So I finally got a second puppy! She is so cute!

Although I will admit, she is a lot more work then I remember George being. She also is harder then he was because she loves to chew on EVERYTHING!!!! Well, ok, not everything. But she does chew on cords, which George never did.

She is a Purebred Apricot Miniature Poodle. I could have gotten her papered, but I didn’t, since I am not going to show her, and George is not purebred, so their puppies won’t be paperable.

Her birthday is August 15, 2017.

Her name is Ginger Pumpkin.

It totally clashes with Georges name which is George Sebastian. I like to joke that he was named after the composers George Handel and Johann Sebastian Bach, but he was named after George Bourekis who was my dentist before I moved out of state. He was Greek so he had tight curls, like George (my dog) has. My dogs second name is just one of the names my family and I tossed around before we named him. Sebastian was our favorite next to George, so that’s how he got his name.

Back to Ginger, we got her name from nowhere specific. My family likes to help name my dogs, so they decided to help me name her, too. My mom really liked the name Ginger, and my sister liked Pumpkin, so that’s what I named her.

I have been planning to do Poodles for the “Dog Breed of the Month” in December. That was my plan because George’s birthday is in December. Specifically the twenty-first of December. There I go off topic again.

So Ginger has this thing where she loves to attack George and bite his ears and mustache. I would try to train her out of it, but George doesn’t seem to mind too much. And if it does bother him he can hope up onto the couch, or bed, or chair since she isn’t allowed on the furniture and he is.

Now, don’t thunk I’m playing favorites or anything (although I am, I don’t want George to be jealous), but in my house the dogs aren’t allowed on furniture until they are potty trained, which Ginger is not. Therefore, George can and she cannot, be on furniture.

That’s all for now,


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