The Solar Eclipse, Obviously.

Hey guys,

So I know probably everyone is talking about it, so I’ll keep it short. (Not that I have any long posts. 😛 )

First, I couldn’t see the total eclipse from where I was, but I still saw a good amount of the sun covered. My friend made this cool thingamajig out of binoculars and a box. (See image #2)Basically what it did is, it reflected the sun onto the paper on the side of the box, and the we had two suns on the paper. And as the moon started to cover the sun you could see it on the paper. It was pretty cool.

Image #2

Second, how many of you saw the awesome pattern the sun made on the shadows of the trees?

And third, I’m not really sure why people spent so much money on this thing that only happens once every ninety-some years. I’m not saying that you did, but I heard that a pair of the eclipse goggles were like $10 each. I had a pair, but they were given to me by someone who had more then they needed. So I spent a grand total of $0 on the eclipse, and I didn’t miss out on anything.

Thats all for now.


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