Another Book Review

I know I just did a book report a few days ago, but I read another good book and decided to post again.

The book I just read is…

Because of Mr. Terupt  By Rob Buyea

This is actually the first book in a trilogy. I’ve only read the first one and I really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of them. It’s not a Christian book, so its not as clean as it could be, and I don’t recommend it to  anyone under the age of 12.


One of the books that has been my favorite book for a long time is..

Lad: A dog.  By Albert Payson Terhune

I have loved this book for ever. As a matter of fact this book is the reason that Collies are my favorite breed. Anyway, the beginning is a bit dry, but as you keep reading it gets better. Or at least in my opinion it gets better. 😛


Thats all for now,



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