A Few of My Favorite Books.

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So I decided that it was time to do another post about my favorite books. So here is a book review.

Before You Meet Prince Charming by Sarah Mally.

This is a “Must Read” for all girls.

“A young lady who is pure will shine with a radiant brightness in this world of darkness. How can a young lady stay physically and emotionally pure as she waits for God’s best in marriage?
This guide to radiant purity combines the thoughts and events in the life of a young princess with solid, clear teaching of Biblical convictions that young ladies today need to grasp. Through a captivating fairy tale, modern day examples, practical instruction and abundant humor, Sarah Mally challenges young ladies to turn to the Lord for fulfillment, to guard their hearts and minds, to identify and avoid the world’s thinking and to shine brightly in this generation. This book offers Biblical answers to everyday questions and deep life struggles. It deals with many practical topics such as being wise in internet usage, dealing with crush, and building strong relationships with parents.”


Sheep Tales by Ken Davis

I love this book. Ken Davis took well-known Bible stories and wrote them from an animals point of view.

“Meet Galya, one of the nicest sheep you could hope to know. Far too nice to be hanging out with a crusty, bitter bird like Edgar the raven. Yet, who but someone as kind and wise as Galya could see past Edgar’s nastiness to his deepest need and care about him enough to tell him the Sheep Tales? In Sheep Tales, the animals have their say. Here is the Bible story as you and your children have never experienced it, seen through the eyes of Galya, Edgar, Arvid the platypus, Dandy the lion, Glubber the whale, and other furry, feathery, and creepy-crawly creatures made and loved by God. This devotional storybook will touch and delight your children–and you. With tenderness, humor, and creativity, author Ken Davis takes your imagination to the very heart of the gospel: God’s love, displayed from the Creation to the Resurrection. It’s big enough to weave the animals children love into God’s awesome plan of redemption. And it’s wonderful enough and strong enough to heal anything–even a broken and angry heart like Edgar’s.”


Boarding School Mysteries by Kristi Holl

Please Use Caution! There are some scary parts. I don’t recommend them for anyone under the age of 12.But these books are definitely some of my favorites. I love mysteries, and I have found that good, clean mystery books are hard to find.

“Things are heating up. Abby Wright is Jeri McKane’s biology lab partner and close friend. When a mysterious explosion in their lab sends Abby to the hospital, Jeri’s sleuthing nose smells more than just smoke. Can she unravel the mystery before anyone else gets hurt? Worse yet, is the firebug at Landmark School targeting her? In the face of great danger, middle-school classmates are faced with the choice to trust God or to give in to their fears. Will faith and friendship prevail or has Jeri finally met a challenge too big to handle?”


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