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Rebellious Writing


So I’m pretty sure you guys know I’m a Christian.(If you don’t, well I am, that would explain the Bible verses and things.) Anyway, I am a really big bookworm(I only read 3 books today, literally) and I have this problem I’m sure most of you have probably noticed too if you read, but basically, it’s really hard to find good, clean wholesome books to read nowadays. So I came across this one post on another girls blog that talks about this too. Its called the #RebelliousWriting. It’s kind of for people who write(which I don’t), but I decided to post it anyway, because it also encourages not reading unclean books.

Join the Rebellion. Here’s how

“1. Write a post listing all the good clean books you love with the #RebelliousReading
2. Write a post warning people against bad books also including the #RebelliousReading
3. Write a post/rant about why we need good books with the #RebelliousWriting
4. Write a post/rant against bad books with the #RebelliousWriting
5. Write a post about why you are rebelling against normal book standards with the #RebelliousWriting”
I copied and pasted this list from

I thought it was really awesome that there are so many other people who agree that we need more good books.

So here  is the link to the blog where I found it.

And  here is the link to the creator of the rebellion.

The memes are from yet another rebel. Here is her blog.

And here is another. 🙂

You should read all the links I put ’cause they all talk about different points of the rebellion.

P.S. if anyone is wondering, YA stands for Young Adult. As in young adult books. I’m pretty sure you knew that, but it confused me at first, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to write what it meant.


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    1. Hi Kenzie!

      Welcome to the Rebellion! Thanks for linking to my blog!


  1. Hi, I’m glad you liked it. 🙂
    As you can probably tell, I just recently started this blog, so I’m still figuring things out. Thank you for letting me know I was missing it. I’ll see what I can do.

  2. I put up a contact me page. If you go to “About Me” there is a drop down menu. If you click “Contact Me” (or just hit the link right here. 😛 )it should give you a place to email me.

    Hope it works. 🙂

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