Breed of June 2017

Hey guys,

This months dog is the Canaan Dog.

In my personal opinion it looks like a Husky Basenji mix.

Size: Males = 20-24in/ Females = 19-23in.

Common Color:Black through shades of Brown, White.

Life Span: 12-15 year.

Weight: 35-55lb

Fun Fact: The breed is said to have been used by Israelites from as far back as 2200-2000 BC. for guarding their camp and herding their flocks.

The Canaan Dog was among the first dogs to be trained to detect land mines; over 400 were used during WWII.

In 1965, the first Canaan Dog arrived in the United States. That same year, the Canaan Dog Club of America was established. It was entered into the Miscellaneous Group by the AKC in 1989, but was moved to the Herding Group in 1997.


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