About Me & My Blog.

Hey guys,

My name is Mackenzie Ross. I started this blog for fun. I always want to post different thing online, but don’t have a social media. Anyway, this is going to be where I post everything. I am not a writer so my blog is probably not as good as so many of the other blogs out there, but that’s ok. I’m doing this for fun.

Things That Will Most Likely Be Posted…

  • Facts about dog breeds(since dogs are my favorite animal)
  • My favorite books(Yes, I’m a bookworm)
  • Bible Verses
  • Other miscellaneous things.



And now I will tell you a little about me.


Favorite Color: Blue and Yellow


Favorite Book: Usually the one I’m reading at the moment, which in this case would be the Elsie Dinsmore Collection By Martha Finley.


My Pets: Mini-Poodle named George.


Hobbies: Crocheting, Sewing, Drawing, and Training George(Does that count as a hobby?).


What I like to Draw: Birds and dogs. But mostly birds.


My other favorite animals: Horses, Leopards, Chameleons, Wolves, Pandas, and any other cute animals.


Favorite Song: It’s constantly changing, but right now it’s “ Long, Long Time” By Brennley Brown.


Favorite singer/band: Brennley Brown, Mark Schultz, Kerrie Roberts, Jonathan Thulin, and Nichole Nordeman.


More: I grew up in a Christian family, and have been raised all my life to be very aware of the evil in this world and to avoid it as much as possible. That includes books, movies, music, etc. I was taught that I am a light in this world, and should live accordingly. You can usually find me crocheting, training my dog, and most commonly doing school or reading.


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